21. Sep. 2018
Carmen Hermle
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Customer Service for Millenials

In the past decade Millenials have overtaken baby boomers as the demographic group with the largest buying power. Today Millenials number around 80 million and have a combined buying power of about 200 billion dollars. As their strength in numbers has grown Millenials have also started to demonstrate preferences when it comes to their consumer behavior and customer service preferences.

Millenials are known as the DIY generation; having grown up with the internet they are very comfortable doing a Google search to get an answer to a customer service question or going to a company’s website to look for product updates or other products the company makes.


Millenials and Brand Loyalty

Millenials have different expectations when it comes to brand loyalty, they have no fear of abandoning a brand if they feel slighted or if they receive poor service; on the other hand they will show great brand loyalty to a brand that goes out of their way to provide good service. Additionally, if a brand provides poor customer service Millenials are far more likely to tell their friends, whether in person or via social media, or post their thoughts on a review website such as Yelp.


Customer Service Through Social Media

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Today there is an expectation among Millenials as well as a growing segment of other demographic groups that companies should be providing customer service through multiple channels and that in many cases this customer service needs to be offered 24/7. One example of this is social media, according to Microsoft's 2016 State of Global Customer Service report  64 % of Millenials believe social media is an effective channel for customer service – 27 % of Baby Boomers feel the same way. The report also indicated that 52 % of Millennials actively use social media to resolve customer service issues.

What this means is that in addition to offering a robust web self service option on their website companies need to offer CX support through dominant social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network that is popular in the niche where the company operates. Additionally studies show that to be successful, a company must make first contact within 10 minutes of a request being made through social media.


Millenials and Customer Service

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When it comes to customer service the main thing that brands need to do is to make sure that they offer customer service through multiple channels, according to a study by SalesForce, 88 % of Millenials prefer to use a web self service tool when it comes to resolving a customer service issue. 

In cases where the issue is more complex and cannot be resolved through self service and where there is a need to call the company the same SalesForce study showed that Millenials expect the call to take no more than 10 minutes. Lastly, most Millenials expect the agent on the line to be already aware of their account history and the history of the issue they are having, simply put, Millenials expect there to be a link between the self service they are using (a web portal, chatbot…) and the customer service agent. This is one place where many customer service departments fall short.


How to Appeal to The Millennial Customer

Customer Service for Millenials

Appealing to Millennials may sound like an impossible task, after all, this is the “Me” generation, but the reality is that providing “millennial proof” customer service is very possible and doing this will have many long term rewards for your brand and overall business success.

The first step you should take is to be sure that your website is up to date and that it is mobile friendly. Next make sure that you offer web self service and that the page provides up to date information on your products/services and allows for basic automation of simple tasks (reset my password).
If you have any questions about how to provide world class web self service please contact us today and let us show what we can do to make your web self service awesome!

The next thing you should do is to ensure that your customer service agents have access to all of the knowledge about every product/service that you offer, and that they have the experience needed to quickly resolve complex customer service issues.

The next step you should take is to create a dedicated customer service account on every popular social media platform so that your customers are able to make requests through those channels.  

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