28. Feb. 2019
Carmen Hermle
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Highlights from CCW Berlin 2019

A look back at last week’s Call Center World 2019 in Berlin and four future customer service technologies.

From 19 - 21 February the industry met for the 21st annual Call Center World expo in Berlin. A range of vendors were on-site along with a series of great talks on the future of digital customer service. The focus was clearly on digital disruption, which is rapidly transforming customer service. Keeping up with this process can be an enormous challenge for many companies and their service managers and demands flexible and innovative approaches.

Call Center World 2019

Hot Trends at Call Center World 2019 For 20 years, CCW has been the event in Germany to find answers to all new customer service challenges. Experts and practitioners are on location to talk about and discuss current and future topics in customer service and the challenges for organizations today.

But what are contact centers currently most concerned with?



The Hot Trends at Call Center World 2019

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence was an overarching theme at CCW 2019 whether at vendor stands or in presentations. Contrary to the initial euphoria, it also became clear in the discussions over the past year that implementing AI in practice is still a major challenge. While the benefits in general are clear, creating standards to meaningfully support customer service is still to come.

2. Chatbots

After many companies stumbled and were disappointed by their first chatbot projects last year, it is becoming clearer how they can best complement customer service offerings.  Solutions of particular interest include those that engage in a dialogue with customers and thus constantly learn new things. This means that companies don't have to program a concrete answer to every question, but that the bot can independently find the right solution by asking questions and learning from customer responses and feedback over time. This type of automation supports service centers in meeting the challenges of digitization and was has been demonstrated in numerous presentations.

3. Voice as a Service (intelligent voice control)

CCW2019 Voice ServiceAnother trending topic for 2019 is voice as a new customer service channel. Through intelligent voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, customer inquiries can be answered, reducing both the call volume and work load of service staff. Several innovative examples were presented at CCW such as by a major Bavarian insurance company (Versicherungskammer Bayern) which enables prospective customers to ask questions about their insurance products via Alexa and receive answers.


4. Digital Customer Experience (DCX)

Call Center World 2019 TrendsWhen it comes to digital transformation in companies and customer service, digital customer experience (DCX) is an important building block. The objective is to provide today’s customers with an exciting and modern digital customer experience.  This is made possible by combining the individual touch points both online and offline throughout the entire digital customer journey.

Disruption in customer service presents many companies with the same challenges. One way to counter them is to develop a digital strategy for customer service. But what can such a strategy do and how relevant is it to customer service?


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