19. Feb. 2020
Chris Rall
2 minute read

How One Retail Company Reduced Support Documents by 59%

How did a large retail company reduce their customer support documents by 59%? It wasn't with "this one weird trick" 😉. Let's dive in.

Founded in 1926, Colony Brands began as a small mail order food business based in Wisconsin. Originally known as The Swiss Colony, it began by selling locally made cheese via the postal service. Today, it’s grown to include a portfolio of catalog businesses, e-commerce sites, outlet stores and even an aviation business. However, unlike with their cheese, Colony Brands refuses to accept any holes in their customer service!

With growth and success come the additional challenges of scaling up not just things like production and logistics but customer service too. Colony Brands continued expansion began to strain their existing knowledge base as the volume of both support data and inquiries rose as well.


The Search for a Robust Solution

At nearly 1,000 text based documents, agents began running into typical challenges such as:

  • Duplicate information
  • Outdated documents
  • Inconsistent answers among agents
  • Difficulty searching
  • Longer handling times

With four call centers and up to 2,400 agents during peak season, Colony Brands was also interested in investing in a Learning Management System (LMS) to help streamline their training. 

Unymira’s knowledge management platform turns support data into the fuel to power multiple customer service channels as well as things like e-learning. 

Moreover, its self-learning search brings the features users know from search engines like Google and Bing to the knowledge base. This includes auto-complete, search suggestions and a ranking algorithm that learns from which results actually solved the problem versus which were simply shown as results.

This made it a natural fit for their business case.

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Professional Services vs. Deploy & Disappear

In contrast to many on-demand SaaS solutions that spin up an environment and leave users to set it up, Unymira provides professional services standard and worked with Colony’s team to conduct a knowledge audit, develop a migration plan and map out editorial processes prior to deployment.

Sometimes the Basics are the Best Features

After rolling out Knowledge Center to all of its call centers, the first major benefit realized at Colony was a 59% reduction in internal documents. Alone, this is impressive, but it had an important cascading effect through their service departments and KPIs. 59% less documents meant:

  • Faster search times
  • Higher document quality
  • Shorter handling times
  • Less hold time for customers
  • More first call resolutions
  • Happier agents

The custom editorial process and easy feedback features mean their editorial system is purring like a finely tuned engine. Today, editors receive nearly 50 submissions a week meaning document quality is constantly increasing and with it customer service.

As happy as we are at Unymira to see our own customers’ success, we can’t wait to see what happens once they begin taking advantage of further features like active documents, decision trees and self-service.

Read the Case Study

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