16. May. 2019
Chris Rall
2 minute read

Recap: ICMI 2019 Contact Center Expo in Florida

Unymira’s American team was excited to catch up with ICMI attendees again and this year didn’t disappoint! ICMI 2019 in Hollywood, Florida was filled with exciting speakers and some exciting new technologies.

ICMI Expo 2019

It kicked off with the Fonz, aka Henry Winkler, who proved that he is not only a great actor but also knows how to overcome life’s obstacles. He inspired us to be part of everyone’s life and make customer service challenges and obstacles easier. His book “Everybody is Somebody” is a perfect segue into some of ICMI’s hottest topics this year.




 1. Customer Journey Mapping

Your customers are somebody and they mean something to your business. It’s essential that you speak the voice of your customer and that you guide your future customer experience through a journey to a customer-focused culture. Internal KPIs and processes are important, but all your activities and technology should align with the overall purpose: better supporting your customers to make their lives easier.

 2. Contact Center Technology

The good news is you are not alone. An ever-larger number of vendors offer great technology to support the many facets of a modern customer journey from knowledge management and self-service to chatbots and performance metrics.

The expo also covered standard tech like IVR which remains relevant and widely used. Standout examples like using Alexa for customer service were particularly inspiring.

3. Training and On-boarding

Everybody is somebody – not only your customers matter, your agents do too. One key take-away is how to fine tune your hiring, training and on-boarding processes. How is your company able to measure effectiveness of agent training and how can contact center technology support you in tackling this challenge?

Key technologies support these three principles and Unymira was pleased to have lots of conversations about must-have and future technologies:

  1. Chatbots - They have been much hyped but many companies have stumbled or failed to see big gains initially. Many have learned however, that instead of quickly deploying poorly thought through new solutions, it’s time to step back and look at the actual strategy and foundation of using them. This includes identifying specific use-cases for deploying them (not just having one on your website in general), training your agents on using, managing and optimizing them, and of course having a solid informational foundation for them to pull data from. See our chatbot study for more on how to properly use them in customer service.
  1. Voice Service - Though Alexa is available in millions of American households, it hasn’t arrived as a customer service channel yet. Yet, some early adopters have already done so begun market to provide customer service via voice assistants. Unymira showcased a customer use case from an insurance company who used their existing knowledge base and chatbot to easily extend service via Alexa.
  1.  Jeff Toister held a great keynote titled “Hidden obstacles to Outstanding Customer Service.” One clear obstacle is that companies explore future technologies without building the right foundation. They invest millions into pilot programs while forgetting to analyze, optimize and clean up their existing information. A knowledge management platform, that provides a professional knowledge base is key to success and your single source of truth for future channel and growth.

Struggling to keep up with the proliferation of service technologies? Looking to build a solid base on which you can easily build instead of scrambling with ad-hoc integrations? See a demo of Knowledge Center today.

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