30. Oct. 2019
Jarrod Davis
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Recap: ICMI Contact Center Connections 2019 in Chicago

ICMI is always a great source of inspiration and fun and Contact Center Connections in Chicago was no exception. The conference opened on Monday October 28th with a series of workshops and tours throughout the day while the expo hall only kicked off in the afternoon with a fun opening day party.

icmi connections 2019 chatbotsIn Unymira news, we were happy to arrive with a fresh batch of our famous and beloved chatbots to give away. While I’d like to say demos are our #1 request at the shows, I’d be lying if I said the chatbots weren’t at least in the top 3!

We also got a nice makeover thanks to Katja Fried who provided us with comfy polo shirts and some snazzy new shoes!


Perhaps one day we’ll do lederhosen too if the show overlaps with Oktoberfest =) But this year it was Halloween all the way!

icmi connections 2019 unymiraicmi connections 2019 halloween











As an exhibitor, we often envy the visitors who have the time to participate in the main workshops and learning tracks on topics like mastering KPIs and metrics, optimizing contact center operations and driving CX in your organization. Perhaps next time we can convince a few visitors to man the booth while we sit in? Any takers?

Key Topics at ICMI this Year

One of the main threads throughout all the learning tracks, keynotes and booths was how to optimize contact centers and that’s something we know a thing or two about. IVR may be on the decline and is definitely unpopular with consumers which is why we heard about new ways to revamp it and connect it to the rest of your service software.

Knowledge management is also a common undercurrent since it impacts so many channels and processes, not to mention both customer and employee satisfaction. It’s no surprise even Gartner listed it as one of the top 5 technologies for unified CX.

icmi connections 2019 booth demo

Speakers Galore!

There were more talks and speakers than we manage to visit but some of the highlights included:

Clement Tussiot (@ctussiot) from Salesforce who is Head of Product for their Einstein bots. Chatbots have seen increasing interest, especially at our last show. Despite some mixed initial experiences, there are a lot of innovative developments coming centered on interbot communication, machine learning and AI.

Tuesday morning, Brad Cleveland (@bradcleveland) former President and CEO of ICMI spoke followed by Colette Carlson (@ColetteCarlson) with some great insights into why clear communication isn’t enough anymore and making connections with customers in a short time is a key component of customer service success. As they say, people don’t remember your price, but they remember service.

icmi connections 2019 keynote

Last but not least, Randy Littleson (@rlittleson) from our partner Nice inContact spoke about one of the meta challenges facing many of us, namely how to scale your improvements and customer-centric culture when growing. Moving from a small support center to hundreds of agents in multiple locations isn’t easy and involves a huge danger of a drop in quality and consistency.

Interested in how knowledge management can deliver better CX for customers and KPIs for your business?

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