10. Oct. 2018
Chris Rall
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Salesforce Dreamforce 2018 Recap

At this year’s Dreamforce Conference by Salesforce more than 170,000 attendees participated in 4 exciting expo days at an impressive National Park setting in San Francisco to discuss the future of Customer Service. Even though it is hard to reduce the overall agenda to a number of topics, some prominent themes for Customer Service were reoccurring. As a partner of Salesforce, Unymira used this opportunity to gather market insights in terms of Knowledge Management, Customer Success and AI.

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Spotlight on 3 Customer Service Highlights

1. Customer Success

In an outstanding Keynote speech, Marc Benioff, co-CEO and alongside Founder of Salesforce, underlined the importance of Customer Success. All products and modules that Salesforce offers have the superior goal to make their current and future customers more successful. At Unymira we share this vision with our partner, because from our experience Customer Service is never about products and features, it is about providing better service to maintain happy customers and be more successful as a company. Both Salesforce and Unymira are the right partners to help you achieve this goal.
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2. The 360 Degree Customer View

Another important point is to understand the 360 degree view of a customer. It is not about one single application, that has to succeed stand alone. It is about understanding the entire customer process landscape and providing the right applications for all its relevant channels and integrate – if necessary – into existing applications. For Salesforce this means, that all topics from eCommerce over Sales to Marketing and Customer Service come out of one application. With their recent acquisition of MuleSoft they provide additional capabilities to integrate into third party systems.

At Unymira we believe that a provider needs to support the 360 degree view of customers and their customer service. From a Knowledge Management perspective this means, that we support companies to have one single source of information instead of providing stand-alone knowledge silos within your organization. Once the knowledge foundation is build, it is important to bring this knowledge into all different customer channels such as websites, mobile app or integrate it into your Salesforce environment. With this approach we ensure transparency and long-term customer success for all of our customers.

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3. AI with Einstein

The rise of Chatbots and AI is the next upcoming thing in the tech industry and especially for Customer Service. Salesforce presented Einstein Voice which is a great enhancement to use NLP to easily update CRM or other activities by speaking into an app. Both Salesforce and Unymira have already recognized that AI is the foundation for the future of customer success. With an AI-powered search and other AI based features, Knowledge Center is already a leading Knowledge Base product to support customer success. By the end of this year, our product will also be available in AppExchange to combine our AI capabilities with the power of the Salesforce Einstein platform.

Salesforce Dreamforce 2018We are grateful for this opportunity as a starting point for our partnership with Salesforce and together we can blaze you customer success trail. All of these trending topics prove that Unymira is right in the middle of the digital transformation for Customer Service and Salesforce is the right partner for us to fulfill a 360 degree view for all our clients.

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