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19. May. 2020
Jarrod Davis
4 minute read

CX5 Talks - An Interview with Leslie O'Flahavan

I sat down with the best known writer in the CX world, Leslie O'Flahavan to discuss the intersection of technology and communication in customer service including topics like desktop tools, chatbots and the can of worms that is call scripting.

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24. Jan. 2019
Chris Rall
2 minute read

5 Trends Transforming Customer Service in 2019

From the rise of chatbots to AI and voice, here are the top 5 trends driving change in customer service that we’ve identified in Unymira’s latest study.

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21. Sep. 2018
Carmen Hermle
2 minute read

Customer Service for Millenials

In the past decade Millenials have overtaken baby boomers as the demographic group with the largest buying power. Today Millenials number around 80 million and have a combined buying power of about 200 billion dollars.

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