04. Jul. 2018
Chris Rall
1 minute read

What We Learned at CCW Vegas 2018

Customer Contact Week 2018We recently had the honor to attend the Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas. While there we had the chance to chat with some other leading companies that work with call centers and customer service centers as well as with call center operators, we were very happy to chat with these great companies and learn about their products/services.

While chatting with them we figured out that there are some trends nearly every company sees for the call center industry in 2018.


Call Center and Customer Service Center Trends for 2018

Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest trends that we see in services for call centers and customer service centers is the growth in AI and augmented reality. Companies such as Microsoft were demonstrating their augmented reality tools at the expo and IBM was showcasing the use of Watson as a customer service agent.



Chatbots with unymiraChatbots are seeing a continued increase in popularity; today many consumers demand DIY customer service, the growth of Chatbots reflects this need in the market. At CCW2018 we were able to see all of the various chatbot offerings that are on the market. These range from fully automated AI bots, such as IBM’s Watson to simpler bots that are only able to forward calls to the right department. To learn more about the rise of Chatbots in customer service centers please take a look at our Chatbot Study. Here we go over everything you need to know about Chatbots as well as about the Unymira chatbot, Botty. Botty is a highly customizable chatbot that is designed to give your customers the ability to quickly and easily find answers to their questions.



A final trend for 2018 is the rise of Gamification as a methodology to train agents and provide continual education to agents. We had the chance to talk with many companies who offer such services and we had the opportunity to play many fun games. In our latest version of our knowledge base we also integrate gamification.


What Are Call Centers Looking for?

We have over 20 years of experience with helping call centers improve their efficiency, first call resolution rates and manage knowledge better and we were happy to chat with call center operators and discuss ideas; if we did not have an opportunity to chat with you please feel free to contact us today.

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