01. Jun. 2018
Chris Rall
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Why Does Customer Service Suck?

“A satisfied customer is a returning customer” this is a secret that every business owner knows and believes in; when customers are happy with the products they purchase and with the service that they receive they are likely to be repeat customers and to share their positive experiences with their network. When a customer is dissatisfied, either with the product or with the service they will share this with their network as well.

Why Does Customer Service Suck

Another secret that many business owners know is, “A happy customer will tell 3 people about their positive experience, while an unhappy customer will tell 9 people about their negative experience”. Despite this I can guarantee that every person reading this blog post has a story about bad customer service that they received. The bad customer service may have been from an employee at a physical location or from a customer service agent in a contact center. In this article we will discuss customer service at call centers and what call centers can do to improve customer satisfaction as well as the efficiency and satisfaction of their agents.


The Life of A Contact Center Agent

The life of a contact center customer service agent is not easy, many agents have a thankless job that often goes unappreciated. The typical agent must deal with various forces on a daily basis:

  • the demands of the call center/management,
  • the constant flow of changes to the products or services that they provide customer service for
  • and of course the customers, most of whom are upset b/c they had to spend 20 minutes talking to a bot or were on hold for a long time.

Individuals who choose to work as customer service agents want to be helpful, they want to quickly and easily answer every question a customer asks of them and they want every customer they speak with to be fully satisfied. A large part of the job of the call center manager is to create an environment that is conducive to the success of the agents. If the agents feel like they are a part of the organization and are being given the tools to succeed they will provide better customer service more efficiently – this will result in happier customers; and a happy customer is a returning customer.


Training Customer Service Agents

One of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your contact center and the quality score of individual agents is to provide continual training for each customer service agent. Agents should be given the proper training prior to ever taking their first call and there should be a system in place where agents need to undergo follow up training every time that a new version of a product or service is launched, or the product is modified in any way. When agents are given the ability to answer customers’ questions quickly and skillfully they will be more satisfied, this will lead to improved productivity and happier customers. The best way to ensure such a favorable outcome is to provide agents with a tool that offers E-learning capability and update the modules in this tool as frequently as new products or services are released.


Knowledge is The Secret Weapon

Knowledge is The Secret WeaponThe secret weapon of any customer service agent is the knowledge to which they have access. The typical agent has the ability to answer thousands of questions on a wide range of products and services, and if knowledge is organized they are able to do this in mere seconds. The secret is organization and searchability. If the knowledge articles are scattered in a range of disassociated folders or if the knowledge exists in a single location but is not searchable or if the knowledge exists in the minds of some agents and not others the knowledge will not be as useful and it will take more time for the agent to respond to the concerns of customers. Such inefficiency can cost the typical call center millions of dollars annually. The solution to this seemingly intractable problem is for you to put all of the knowledge into the hands of your agents through the implementation of a knowledge base.


A good knowledge base will empower your agents, it will not only store all knowledge in a single repository but it will also make this knowledge easy to modify. The knowledge base you choose should be fully searchable and may even contain other features such as a knowledge hierarchy that each agent will be able to maintain and personalize to their needs. To see our list of knowledge base features please download the PDF that we have called:

Features of Knowledge Center

If you have any additional questions about the benefits of a knowledge base or if you’d like to talk to one of our specialists please contact us today.

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